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Exceptional DeFi App Trading, Farming, Staking, IDO launchpad and more

We’re embracing all of DeFi on multiple blockchains to introduce a combination of the most impactful and innovative financial offerings that have shaken the core of traditional finance in a single refined app, UniTrade.
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UniTrade - The DeFi Powerhouse

We’re embracing all of DeFi on multiple blockchains to introduce a combination of the most impactful and innovative financial offerings that have shaken the core of traditional finance in a single refined app, UniTrade.

As decentralized finance continues to exponentially grow we are routinely looking for way to evolve and adapt our application to bring new and efficient ways for our users to easily get involved and generate returns in this space.

Utilizing the two largest decentralized exchanges on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain - UniSwap & Pancakeswap.

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UniTrade is a product born from necessity in the rapidly growing DeFi space that has grown over 2,000% in the last year with over $13 billion of locked assets.

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Here’s what we are about


Automate Your Trades

Through the UniTrade platform you will be able to set (decentralized) limit and stop loss orders for almost all ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens. Audited and fully secure with solution with no account or KYC required.


UniTrade Farms

We have streamlined and simplified the process of farming rewards. You can now quickly jump in and start earning more with a breakdown of current APY percentages and expected returns. $TRADE holders will receive priority in new IFOs (initial farm offering).


Staking Rewards

Get rewarded ETH or BNB for holding $TRADE, the native UniTrade token. We have expertly designed our app to bring rewards to all our token holders via fees collected on various platform offerings.


UniTrade IDO Launchpad

$TRADE token holders will be exclusively offered highly vetted and top quality upcoming cryptocurrency projects via the sought after UniTrade launchpad.



Daily and weekly drawings for $TRADE holders for big winnings in native coins of ETH and BNB with more to come.


NFT Crafting Portal

Portal to craft exclusive and unique NFTs that have many different utility traits such as farming reward multipliers, access to presales, and more. To craft a NFT a deposit of $TRADE and equal part stablecoin is required. The newly minted NFT can be bought and sold on any marketplace and the deposit can be easily recovered at anytime by destroying the NFT via the crafting portal.


UniTrade Exchange

Not just another decentralized exchange (DEX) - we have completely rethought the existing liquidity model from the users perspective to build what we expect to be the greatest DEX on the market.


“ I started UniTrade at the beginning of the DeFi boom simply so I could place limit orders on UniSwap. Since then we have grown beyond anything I ever expected. It’s now become our mission to adapt in a rapidly changing market and consistently deliver high quality solutions that people actually want to use. ”

@reborn1002, Founder, Developer

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What is the UniTrade (TRADE) token for?


Small fee is collected

To make trades on UniTrade a small fee is collected in ETH.


TRADE buy back

60% of fees buy UniTrade directly from the TRADE/ETH UniSwap liquidity pool and burns them.


TRADE Rewards

The remaining 40% of the fees, in ETH, are awarded to TRADE holders daily.


ETH from the fees on the platform are 
given as rewards to TRADE token holders.

TRADE tokens purchased with ETH from fees 
on UniTrade are burned by the contract.

2021 UniTrade Roadmap

Future development plan of UniTrade

DEX Development

21 Jan 2020
UniTrade DEX initial research and concept development. 
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Smart Contract Development

21 Jan 2020
Binance Smart Chain Contract Deployment 
Gas optimizations and reduction 
Feature: Decentralized stop loss order implementation 
Feature: Price variance addition (slippage) 
Feature: Rebase token trading support 
App consolidation and refactoring 
Smart contract upgrade functionality added 
Miscellaneous smart contract optimizations and improvements 
Security audit and redeployment of UniTrade smart contract 


Periodic ad banner promotions (Etherscan, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap) 
Securing 2 new brand ambassadors (YouTube / Twitter Crypto influencer) 
Securing 2 experienced business advisors (DeFi/DEX experience) 
Second wave of influencer promotions, marketing, and brand awareness 
Periodic ad banner promotions (Etherscan, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap) 
Planned press releases on crypto news media sites for major product releases and development 
Strategic partnerships and product integration in third party applications 


21 Jan 2020
Binance Smart Chain integration with UniTrade limit order platform 
Customize GWEI gas cost 
User experience improvements in regards to order form interactions 
Third party collaboration and integration for charting in app 
API and/or iFrame for UniTrade integration on external partner 
App consolidation and refactoring 
Additional language support added 
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News & Updates

UniTrade V3 — The DeFi Powerhouse

We’re embracing all of DeFi on multiple blockchains to introduce a combination of the most impactful and innovative financial offerings that have shaken the core of traditional finance in a single refined app, UniTrade.

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UniTrade is live on Binance Smart Chain!

You can now use UniTrade to make limit orders on PancakeSwap (BSC). To place limit orders on BSC just head to our site (UniTrade.app) and connect your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network.

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TRADE ETH <- -> BSC Bridge is live!

Our bridge is finally live and you can easily change your ERC20 TRADE to BSC or the other way around. Additionally we added liquidity to PancakeSwap for you to start trading TRADE on BSC

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UniTrade joins Pancakeswap’s Syrup Pools.

PancakeSwap, the most popular DEX in BSC, just welcome UniTrade to their famous Syrup Pools. We are very excited to become part of their farming pools and bring more value to our token in BSC.

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$TRADE is now listed on DefiPulse!

DefiPulse, the most popular analytics site for DeFi, just listed UniTrade in their leaderboards. It’s a great honor to have the recognition of one of the largest sites in crypto, we are excited to continue innovating in this space

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DataDash gives a shoutout to UniTrade!

DataDash, a cryptocurrency youtuber with over 400k subscribers, explains to his viewers the functions of UniTrade, highlights the importance and gives his insight on our future

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BSC Integration ready for testing.

Our BSC integration is finally ready for testing, our private group of core holders will test all the functions of our platform in Binance Smart Chain and share their feedback for fixes / improvements.

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UniTrade’s Progress on 2020 Recap!

2020 is ending and we decided to highlight all the amazing progress we had this year, since the creation of the project to the main launch of out platform. Thanks for joining us in this ride and let’s have a great 2021

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V2 is live!

We are really excited to announce that our V2 is live! This improved version has better UI design to decrease the learning curve of using our product. Start trading with us on UniTrade.app

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